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Barbara Shafer - Master Class at McPhee

Barbara Shafer - Master Class at McPhee

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Barbara Shafer
Master Class at McPhee
Oil on Canvas

Barbara Shafer, of Eau Claire, is a figurative painter and a painter of large, organic, sculptural plant paintings who emphasizes her involvement of modern dance in large, gestural compositions featuring her friends and visiting performers. Shafer received her BFA in "Sculpture", from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in Painting from the University of Cincinnati. It was in Cincinnati that her infatuation with paint and her interest in lines and color melded with her love of three-dimensional forms.

Artist Statement
Growing up near the Hudson River, just north of New York City, I was strongly drawn to its cliffs and the outcroppings of nearby rock. I began my art career as a sculptor wanting to express the resonance of these internal forces and formations and their organic surfaces in my work.

When my infatuation with paint as a medium solidified, my interests expanded to include line, color and the
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