Collection: Terry Meyer

Terry Meyer is a self-taught artist, working for the past 50 years in several mediums, including silk screening, wood/steel sculpture, clay, oils, watercolor and acrylics. He currently works with watercolors and oils out of his 5 Mile Creek Studio and does sculpture (steel) at his Main Street Studio. Meyer has won numerous awards as he participates in shows in several states and often donates his work to community organizations. He has many individual and corporate patrons across the country, as well as representation in many fine art galleries.
Artist’s Statement
"As an artist, I connect with the energy and motion in my environment, which then serves as a conduit for the art I create. It is the assimilation of this spirit - energy and motion - that inspires my work. Within the mediums of painting in watercolor and oils, I  connect with the softness that is almost meditative, and translate this energy through brushstrokes. Oils are more kinesthetic; I can feel the substance of the paint and its power, translating the environment around me. My sculptures take all of that into the third dimension."