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Anders Shafer - Broken & Stolen Boat Watercolor

Anders Shafer - Broken & Stolen Boat Watercolor

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Anders Shafer
Broken & Stolen Boat
Watercolor on Paper

In Paris - in the Luxemberg Palace Grounds - there is a large stone pool, now in a public park. You could rent toy sailboats, pushed with a stick, from an ancient vendor. Anders lived near this place in 1950. His favorite boat was no. 16, which is still there. One day, a boy broke a boat on purpose, causing a near riot-polic etc... he can't remember what happened next, so made this fantasy about the aftermath. The boy throws the boat into the river, where it is eventually found, repaired and sailed away by chipmunks.

This painting depicts a story of a kid racing a rented toy boat. The boat breaks, and not wanting to pay for the damage - the boy flees the scene and throws the toy boat into the river. The toy boat washes on the bank of the river. A couple ingenious chipmunks find the broken toy boat and decide to bring it back to their burrow. The chipmunks repair the vessel and launch it out to sea.

Born in Bucyrus, Ohio, Anders Shafer grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Paris, France and the suburbs of Washington, D.C.. After completing courses in painting and drawing at the University of Iowa (B.F.A.) and the University of Cincinnati (M.F.A.) he settled in Wisconsin. He is Professor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he was Max Schoenfeld Distinguished Professor. He currently paints full-time in an old rubber tire factory while teaching Advanced Life Drawing at night.

Shafer's paintings and drawings have been exhibited in over 250 national and regional competitions of note. He has been represented by galleries in Chicago, Sacramento and Washington D.C. where he had five one-person shows at Gallery K. His work is part of the public collections of a number of museums including the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon and the Sheldon Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. Among his awards is one of the first given by the National Endowment For The Arts. Shafer is the author-illustrator of "The Fantastic Journey of Pieter Bruegel" (Dutton,2001) which won many national and international awards.
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