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Two Loons - Julie Hemmer

Two Loons - Julie Hemmer

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Julie Hemmer
Two Loons
1 ft. Tall 

After working in a multitude of mediums throughout my whole life, I discovered the utilitarian hard-shelled gourd when in Arizona. Her inspiration turned into a welcomed obsession. It is the perfect canvas for diverse mediums...drawing, painting, carving, pyrography, sculpture, weaving...endless possibilities. After taking a myriad of classes, Julie have found herself especially intrigued by the pervasive Native American cultural influences on southwest art, and was drawn to creating stylized figures, vintage pots, and totems. Most of her pieces reflect that interest in different ways as she hopes to convey that interest and passion through them.

2019 Wuertz Gourd Art Festival Best of Show
Best of Master’s Division
1st Place, sculpture
1st Place, carving
2018 Wuertz Gourd Art Festival
1st place, Master’s Division carving 1st place Master’s Division sculpture 2nd place Advanced Division painting
2017 Wuertz Gourd Art Festival
2nd place, Master’s Division, figures 1st place, Advanced Division, carving 2nd place, Advanced Division, Masks
2017 Wuertz Gourd Art Festival
1st place, Advanced Division, mixed media 1st place, Intermediate Division, masks
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